Tax Collection


All Earned Income and Local Service Tax in South Abington Township is collected by HA Berkheimer.  The EIT rate is 1% and LST amount is $52.00 (if $12,000 in earnings)  The telephone number is 610-599-3139 or email  HA Berkheimer has a local office in the Steamtown Mall in Scranton. Our local tax code is 350108.

In accordance with Pennsylvania Act 32, a county-wide Tax Collection Committee has been established.  This Committee has the authority to hear grievances and appeals from the established collector’s decisions.  You may reach them at this link:


There are three separate taxes levied every year on each property within the Township; Abington Heights School District Tax, Lackawanna County Tax and Township Tax.

In accordance with Pennsylvania Law, the County Commissioners, Township Supervisors and School District Board of Directors each have independent authority to set the rate of taxation for properties within their boundaries.  This rate is expressed in millage (a mil is equivalent to $1.00 of tax for each $1,000 of assessed valuation.

The 2020 Tax rate is established as:         

  •           Lackawanna County        63.92    mils
  •           South Abington Twp          17.5    mils
  •           AHSD                              122.91   mils

For example, a property assessed at $20,000 would owe $1,148.40 in County Tax (20×57.42); $330 in Township Tax (20×16.5) and $2,458.20 in AHSD Tax (20×122.91).

The Township Tax Collector is Scott Thorpe                                             570-650-0618

The AHSD Property Tax Collector for South Abington is Kathy Platt        570-585-8205

The County Tax Collector is William Fox                                                   570-963-6756